Bowie Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

This car was in a single vehicle roll over car accident.


Bowie Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Bowie drunk driving car accident lawyers, George and Maria Patterson have litigated over a hundred cases involving allegations that the driver was intoxicated.  Maria Patterson also defends those charged criminally with drunk driving offenses. For more information about criminal defense services please visit The experience of handling drunk driving cases both civilly and criminally is critical to locating all sources of evidence related to a drunk driving accident.  Most people incorrectly assume that if they are hit by a drunk driver they will not need a car accident lawyer.  They reason that the driver was cited and arrested for drunk driving so the insurance company can not deny the claim.  This reasoning fails to account for a common liability defense and the reason why most car accident cases are filed.
Most Car Accident Cases are in Court due to Value Disputes
Bowie car accident lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson tried numerous car accident cases where the jury and the judge were never told the driver had been drinking or convicted of drunk driving.  Once a defense attorney admits that his client was at fault for the accident all evidence of drunk driving is excluded under Maryland law.  In such cases, the drunk driver does not testify and the evidence presented is usually limited to the severity of the impact, injuries and lost wages.   The jury is then instructed that the only issue for them to consider is what damages, if any, were caused by the car accident.
This tactic allows the defense attorney to make the case entirely about whether the impact was sufficient to have caused the alleged injuries, the value of the injuries they admit to causing and whether the claimed injuries could be from an old injury.  By admitting to liability, the victim of the accident can no longer rely on a jury to "punish" the drunk driver with a high verdict.  The drunk driving car accident lawyers at RGPH have litigated dozens of car accidents caused by drunk drivers and they are experienced in presenting cases where the defendant is effectively unable to testify due to his intoxication at the time of the accident.

Passengers of Drunk Drivers May have Assumed the Risk
If you were a passenger in a car with a drunk driver, the insurance company may deny your injury claim on the grounds that you voluntarily assumed the risk of your injuries by agreeing to ride with a drunk driver.  Assumption of the risk is a complete defense to an injury claim in Maryland.  Jury trials involving drunk driving and assumption of the risk involve extensive evidence of drinking and the defense attorney will highlight the excessive drinking and how this drinking and intoxication would have been obvious to the passenger. 

The insurance company will hope that the judge or jury will find that the passenger knew the driver was drunk and still agreed to drive with the drunk driver.  All of the damaging evidence against the driver is suddenly being used as a weapon against the passenger.  The drunk driver may have had sobriety field tests administered that are on video.  If the driver was obviously drunk it may be difficult for the passenger to contend that the driver appeared sober before he accepted the ride home.  The insurance company will likely hire a toxicologist to testify that the driver would have been visibly impaired based on his blood alcohol level.  Drunk driving lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson have cross examined and called toxicologists as witnesses in trials involving allegations of drunk driving.  Maria Patterson as a criminal defense attorney has also cross examined witnesses for the State, including the responding police officers and toxicologists in DUI cases.
                                 Dram Shop Cases
Those injured by drunk drivers have sought compensation from bars and night clubs that served alcohol to the drunk driver.  Dram shops are establishments where liquor is served to patrons to be consumed on the premises.  A dram is a measurement that historically had been used in the sale of liquor.  The Maryland Courts have refused to hold such establishments liable for the acts of their intoxicated customers.  The Courts have reasoned that human beings are responsible for their own negligent acts whether they were drunk or sober. 

An establishment may still be liable for an injury caused by an intoxicated patron on their premises.  If a business is aware that their intoxicated patrons routine conduct creates a recurring dangerous condition on the property the business owner has a duty to protect its passengers from the danger.  For example, imagine a club that positions customers waiting to enter next to a parking lot where they have previously had drunk patrons leaving the establishment in cars strike the waiting customers.  The club may not be liable for allowing the patron to become intoxicated but they could be liable for positioning waiting customers next to a path frequented by drunk drivers.  The prior incidents placed the club on notice that positioning waiting customers close to the parking lot was dangerous.

If you were a passenger in a car accident with a drunk driver it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced car accident lawyer to give you the best chance of prevailing in your case.  Also if you were injured by a drunk driver the assitance of an experienced car accident lawyer will give you the best opportunity for the best possible recovery.   Please call the experienced and top rated drunk driving car accident lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson to schedule a free consultation at 301-383-1525.  The Bowie drunk driving accident lawyers' office is located near the intersection of Route 50 and Route 301.  Please also call the 24 hour injury hotline if you have been injured by a drunk driver or need the services of an experienced DUI defense lawyer.


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