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Bus and Limousine Safety Rules

Bus and Limousine drivers owe a high duty of Care to their Passengers and are regulated by safety rules to protect other motorists.

Safety Rules for Bus and Limousine Operators

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Bowie and Annapolis bus accident and limousine accident lawyers, George Patterson and Maria Patterson have handled dozens of bus accident cases. The bus and limousine accident lawyers at Patterson Law know the detailed requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as the unique duties placed on bus and limo companies by Maryland law. If a bus or limo struck your car the applicable law will be similar to that of most car and truck accident cases. If you were injured while a passenger in a bus or limousine you may have a claim, even if your injury was due to the actions of a passenger. The Board Certified Truck Accident Lawyer, George Patterson has successfully handled cases against limousine companies and has obtained recoveries against bus companies on behalf of customers assaulted by passengers.

Bus accident cases involving buses that cross state lanes are subject to many of the federal regulations discussed on the truck accident page. In cases where a passenger on a bus or limo is hurt in an accident or by another passenger the applicable duties under Maryland law are very different from those imposed on personal passenger cars.

Bus and Limo Drivers are Guardians of their Passengers’ Safety

Maryland Common-Carrier Lawyers

Bus and limo companies and their drivers are held to a higher duty as common carriers under Maryland law than the owners and drivers of most passenger cars. A common carrier owes its passengers the highest degree of care to provide safe means and methods of transportation. The common carrier has a duty to use the utmost degree of care, skill and diligence as to matters concerning their passengers’ safety. This duty begins when the passenger enters the property owned, controlled or maintained by the common carrier and ends when a passenger reaches a place of safety after exiting the bus or limo. Maryland Courts have also held that a bus driver has a duty to take reasonable actions to prevent a foreseeable attack by one passenger against another.  The bus driver is not required to endanger his own life but most bus drivers rely on manuals issued by their company for procedures to follow.  These procedures are often the most compelling evidence as to why the bus driver had a duty to act and what acts should have been taken.

Party Buses and limousines are often overcrowded endangering passengers.

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Maryland Bus accident lawyer, George Patterson has recovered over a million dollars against bus companies for injuries sustained by their customers due to vehicle accidents and as a result of intentional attacks by other passengers.  George Patterson has lectured to national commercial motor vehicle trial lawyer organizations about bus accident cases.  Bus and limousine drivers that know of dangers to their passengers are duty-bound to safeguard their passengers from those dangers.  Party Buses and limousines frequently supply or permit alcohol on board.  Even if the bus or limo company restricts alcohol consumption on the vehicle they often drive visibly intoxicated guests to bars, sporting events and other places that serve alcohol. Alcohol increases the dangers that customers are exposed to by other passengers and being dropped off at unsafe locations.

The bus and limousine accident lawyers at Patterson Law know the industry rules placed on bus and limousine drivers.  The rules are for the safety of bus and limousine passengers as well as for the general public. If injuries result from violating those rules a bus accident injury claim should be explored.

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