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Illegally parked trucks can pose a serious risk of injury to approaching vehicles.

Some parking rules are for the safety of other motorists. If an illegally parked truck is struck by an approaching motorist one must assess whether the prohibition against parking in that location was because approaching motorists would not be able to see the truck with sufficient time to avoid a collision.

When illegal parking endangers the public

Crashes caused by parking violations

Accidents involving illegally parked trucks requires an analysis of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act regulations, industry standards, Maryland law and local parking regulations.  Depending on the size of the truck, whether the truck is used to transport goods across state lines, the type of goods being transported the truck may be subject to some, none or all of the the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.   Due to the unique hazards involving commercial trucks the application of federal safety rules may create theories of liability that are not apparent to most car drivers. An illegally parked truck accident lawyer will be able to identify to what extent these parking rules may apply to your truck crash.

In any case involving an illegally parked truck, local laws must be reviewed. George Patterson has been quoted in an article entitled “When Your Parked Car is at Fault” published on and “When a Parked Car is at Fault” published on Insurance companies typically deny claims by people who were injured when they struck an illegally parked truck on the grounds that the driver was negligent for failing to see and avoid the illegally parked truck. Illegally parked vehicles, particularly trucks can lead to serious car accidents. Ordinarily a person that has illegally parked a vehicle that is struck by another car will not be liable for the accident. Liability occurs if the parking statute that was violated was meant to prevent accidents as opposed to maintaining the free flow of traffic. For example, trucks that double park on a busy city street are violating a parking statute that is meant to maintain the flow of traffic. On the other hand, a truck that parks on a narrow roadway just past a sharp bend in the roadway is creating a hazard. That parking restriction was meant to protect approaching drivers. Simply put, the no parking signs in that location are for the protection of drivers that will not have time to react to a stopped vehicle in the roadway.

Parking on a highway is dangerous

Trucks need to be visible

Highway accidents involving tow trucks or stopped tractor trailers on the shoulder have also been litigated by George Patterson in Prince George’s County. One of George Patterson’s car accident clients was injured when a tow truck driver partially obstructed the left lane of the beltway with his tow truck at night. Mr. Patterson’s client unexpectedly found his travel lane partially blocked. A serious beltway accident occurred that resulted in both parties suing each other for the accident. The case was heard in Upper Marlboro and the court found that the violations of statute by the tow truck driver were the cause of the accident and that George Patterson’s client was unable to see and avoid the tow truck. Accidents involving stopped trucks that have inadequate lighting or reflective striping required by law are fairly common. Many fatal accidents have occurred with a truck with a long trailer attempts to cross a road with a trailer that is missing the required reflective material that should run the length of the trailer. This is exceedingly dangerous when a flat-bed trailer is involved. A flat-bed trailer without lights on the side or reflective stripping may be nearly invisible to approaching drivers at night. Semi trucks are especially dangerous to other motorists due to underride crashes, poor visibility at night, and taking away shoulders that meant to accomodate emergency situations.

Federal law requires commercial trucks to have conspicuous reflective material on certain portions of the truck and trailer to make sure that approaching vehicles headlights will illuminate the truck whether approached from the rear or sides. Trucks parked on the side of the road are supposed to properly place reflective triangles behind the truck to warn approaching motorists. They are also supposed to keep their lights on so that the trailer is easily seen at night.

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Bowie and Annapolis, lawyer, George Patterson has litigated truck accident cases where a large truck was illegally parked on an unlit roadway at night near an intersection. George Patterson’s client made a right turn onto that roadway and observed a stopped truck in his path. The driver had no time to react and his car slid under the rear of the truck. These underride truck accidents are very dangerous because the driver and his passengers are often in danger of severe head injuries due to the larger height of the back of many trucks.

George made us feel that he truly cared which was very important to us. We sincerely appreciated George's professionalism, as well as his genuine kindness. My son and I will definitely recommend George Patterson to anyone seeking an excellent attorney!

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Client that struck an illegally parked truck.

Collisions with parked trucks occur due to illegally parked trucks in an unsafe location, trucks that fail to meet visibility requirements, distracted drivers or some combination of these factors.

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