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Back Surgery from Car Accident

A Back Surgery can End Many Careers.

Highly compensated back breaking work is often no longer an option for those with back surgery.

Proven Results

Car Accident Victim Assessed by Economist.

Lawyer George Patterson obtained an arbitration award of over $425,000 for a Chesapeake, Maryland client for a car accident in Anne Arundel County. The client sustained a herniated disc that required back surgery. The client had incurred medical bills of just over $26,000 but was unable to work as a bridge welder following the back surgery. The Prince George’s County injury lawyer hired an economist to estimate the client’s future lost earning capacity. The hourly rate paid to bridge welders was substantially higher than the hourly rate for work that Mr. Patterson’s client was able to perform after the back surgery. The car accident lawyers at Patterson Law have experience identifying cases where experts are needed to maximize the client’s financial recovery from a car accident. The Annapolis and Bowie personal injury lawyers at Patterson Law have obtained substantial awards in cases for a permanent loss of earning capacity where their clients have only been disabled from certain jobs.

Car Accident Victim Starts New Career

Medical Recovery, Career Recovery and Family Recovery

The client in this accident sustained a serious back injury that required surgery. The surgeon helped him recover from the herniated disc. His surgeon told him to quit his job as a bridge welder to prevent the surgery from failing. An economist estimated the difference in income between a welder and a bridge welder. After receiving an award the client was able to invest in equipment to start a new career. For the first time since the car accident the client was able to fully provide for his family again.

After a disc ruptures or tears the fluid inside the disc may leak out and create a burning sensation as it reaches nearby nerves.

Insurance Companies blame tough job for bad back.

Blaming the Victim

Back surgeries from car accidents are often needed as a result of a disc herniating or rupturing. The herniated disc then presses on a nerve causing pain and sometimes weakness. Lawyer George Patterson has worked with orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons to explain to juries the causal connection between a trauma from a car accident and the need for a back surgery. Defense lawyers often blame the need for a back surgery on degenerative changes that are unrelated to a car accident. Even worse they will insinuate that the back injury was caused by the client’s job. Many cases involving a back surgery that seemed clearly related to a car accident have been lost due to insurance company lawyers and their doctors arguing that the back surgeries are unrelated to the car accident. Attorney George Patterson has litigated dozens of back surgery cases and successfully cross-examined doctors hired by insurance companies to “independently” evaluate the relationship between car accidents and back surgeries.

I would highly recommend George Patterson. I was very pleased with how he conducted himself and handled my case.He prepared me for all stages of the process but especially for the deposition. He was very responsive and always available to speak to me.He offered sound advice on the settlement process and helped me obtain a better settlement.

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A Car Accident Client.

It is important that your doctor knows your complete medical history. A complete medical history helps doctors determine the cause of a back or neck injury.

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Patterson Law takes pride with every client that recovers. Recovery is more than the settlements and verdicts obtained for our clients. Each and every one of these clients had been shepherded through a process where powerful insurance companies fought to defeat or minimize their claims. Each result represents a client’s dignity being affirmed.

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